Questions that are ask to a Bookkeeper! (Part 3 of 3)

This is the last part of our questions series.  We think that this blog might be one of the most important aspects of the series.  We will discuss the importance of questions or knowing if your bookkeeper has the best interest for your business.  We will also discuss how one can build trust with their bookkeeper.

Quality of good bookkeepers

We get asked a lot by businesses, how responsive should a bookkeeper be to the client’s communication.  Let just say, if you are not receiving a response within 24 hours, you need to find a new bookkeeper. From our experience, if a business doesn’t communicate in a timely manner, this usually means that they are stretched too thin.  If the bookkeeper is stretched too thin, it means that they don’t have the manpower to handle all their accounts. As a business owner, our business is our lifeblood and needs to be treated that way. The business is paying the bookkeeper to shorten their business time which allows the owner to focus on other things.


If someone is trustworthy, this means they have integrity.  As a business owner, you need to find a bookkeeper with integrity and no matter what the situation is they always have your back.  Trust is important when having a good bookkeeper. You need to trust someone with your money; this is difficult to do. They need to know how to categorize your books.  The day is over when a business hires a bookkeeper to just enter the numbers (data entry). A bookkeeper needs to be someone that has the business’s best interest at heart.  The bookkeeper needs to know how to represent the numbers that will help the business make the best business decision possible.

Understand your Process and History

If you hire a bookkeeper that thinks every business is the same.  You might as well start looking for a new bookkeeper or start looking for a job.  Every business is unique, even though it may be in the same industry. The bookkeeper needs to understand the decision of a business and create reports for that aspect of the business.  The goal for one business is to grow and be profitable while growing. The bookkeeper needs to keep up with the changing trends and laws. For example, the tax law is constantly changing and your bookkeeper needs to know these laws, so the business will be ready to take advantage of certain areas of the tax law helping the business save money.

Good Bookkeeper will ask Questions

Asking questions might be one of the most important aspects.  By asking questions will help the bookkeeper to understand your business and processes.  If your bookkeeper isn’t asking questions, you can bet that your bookkeeper is guessing on your books of where things should be coded because not all businesses are alike. One business might have a certain limit to classify fixed assets while the other business might have a lower threshold or higher.  Their books will be misrepresented. A good bookkeeper will always ask questions; you can count on that.

We hope you enjoyed this series regarding the top questions that are asked to a bookkeeper.  We want you to know what kind of questions are asked and why these questions will enlighten your decision making.  Not only what questions are asked to bookkeepers, but what questions bookkeepers should ask their clients. To wrap this series up, it must be mentioned that the importance of having a good bookkeeper in your corner is crucial and the business needs to look to identify these traits.  If the business doesn’t have a good bookkeeper, they might as well kiss their money goodbye. The business is paying for a service that isn’t fulfilling their needs. If you have a good bookkeeper that hit all these traits, you will need to hold onto that bookkeeper and never let go. We all want to prosper, and to prosper, one will need a good bookkeeper/accountant in their corner.

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