Help Wanted: Finding the Right Bookkeeper for Your Business

Finding someone to trust to handle all the business sensitive information is hard to find.  You need to know what procedures they follow to safeguard your assets. Bookkeepers are there to relieve stress and not create stress for the business.  The purpose of this blog is to walk small business owners through what they should be looking for when deciding on a bookkeeper. Also, bookkeepers need to know who they are doing business with and if they can trust their clients.  I list a few important items that will help:

How many clients does the firm have?

        You might be thinking to yourself that having a large client base is a good thing because the bookkeepers must be doing something correct to have all of those clients.  Having a lot of clients could mean they are good with what they do, but more times than not, they are not responding in a timely manner or the business’s books are not completed by the deadline.  The business might think their books are the most important, but in reality, the bookkeepers are going to spend more time with the clients who pay the most. However, your books are the most important books for you.  So, why doesn’t the bookkeepers agree with you? We have heard from our clients and other people that they are not receiving correspondence from their bookkeepers. At Flat Top Bookkeeping, we like to consider each client as our only client.  We realize our books are important to us, so we know that each of our client’s books are the most important to them. When interviewing bookkeepers, make sure to know their client’s load and their plan to handle your books with their other client’s needs.

Do you want a novice bookkeeper or an experienced bookkeeper?

        What amazes us here at Flat Top Bookkeeping is how many bookkeeping firms out there have no prior background in bookkeeping/accounting.  You want a bookkeeper that can read your financial statements and be able to consult you on different items that you might not understand.  They make computer software (i.e. QuickBooks and Xero) that can remember transactions and all you must do is hit a button to put the transaction in that account.  However, each transaction might be different. That is why you want an experienced bookkeeper that has seen all things and will know more than the common person. A bookkeeper with no experience is like having an inexperienced computer program which wrote a poor code that breaks every two weeks.  This code is going to cost you a lot of money to keep having the code fixed. Therefore, it is important to hire an experienced bookkeeper so that you don’t pay for the bookkeeper’s mistakes.

Why transparent bookkeepers are important?

        The business world is fast moving, and you need questions answered quickly.  Therefore, transparency is important in communicating with one another. With the technology that is available, bookkeepers should have no problem answering back.  Our purpose as bookkeepers is to relieve stress and help your business grow. To accomplish helping your business grow, it is important to have your questions answered and provide you accurate and completed books.  When a business is in search for a bookkeeper, one of the most important aspects the bookkeeper should have is transparent communication.

        Hiring a bookkeeper is a difficult process because you need to trust and have faith in them that they will complete your books with accuracy and in a timely manner.  A business needs to understand if the bookkeeper has enough staff to handle their clients effectively. Also, a business should think if they desire to have bookkeepers with experience in accounting or brand new to the industry.  And one of the final aspects that the future bookkeeper should have is transparency. Transparency is very important to understand your books health and to help the business make an important decision. I hope this blog has helped small business owners in looking for the best bookkeeper for their business needs.  Give us call to see how we can help you with your needs by using our experience to help you succeed.

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