Christmas and finances, hard to balance them!

Did you know that Christmas has been a federal holiday since 1870?  Christmas has been celebrated by Christians long before 1870.  The tradition of Christmas today is trimming the tree, exchanging gifts, attending church, sharing time with family and friends, and waiting for Santa Clause to come to visit our families and friends.  Christians celebrate Christmas for the birth of Christ.  However, Christmas is much more than the anniversary of Christ birth.  Christmas reminds us to help and serve other people.

Winter Solstice

People around the world, before the birth of Christ, celebrate the darkest day of the winter, this is called the Winter Solstice.  Winter Solstice is a celebration for the worst of winter is behind us and better weather/longer days are ahead of us.  The Pope Julius chose December 25th to celebrate Christmas because he wanted Christmas also to adopt the celebration of pagan Saturnalia festival.  The pagan Saturnalia festival is a holiday by the Romans for the honor of Saturn.  Saturnalia was celebrated for a week leading up to winter solstice that the celebration extended for a month.  During this celebration, things are flip around in their cities.  Slavers would become masters, peasants would be in command of the city, and businesses and schools would be closed for the whole holiday.

Today Christmas

Christmas in our time has changed a lot from the 1870s when Christmas became a national holiday.  We are thinking about buying are family the new trends and fashion.  Or we are wondering what our neighbors are getting than we can top their presents.  Some of us might have forgotten what the holidays are about.  Spending time with our loved ones.  But for those who are into the commercializing of Christmas have a hard time keeping a budget for Christmas and overspend on gifts or activities.  We all need to do better with budgeting our money and not relying on our tax return to account for our Christmas spending.  In 2017, 74% of American didn’t budget enough money for Christmas.

Let’s Conquer Debt!

Here at Flat Top Bookkeeping, we would like to help you by setting up a “budget night” in which we can help you understand the importance of a budget.  We as parents sometimes lose track of our budget because we want to give our kids the best Christmas.  Buying them things might help temporarily but in a couple of weeks or months, those new toys will not be new anymore and the toys will be forgotten.  As a child I remember Christmas spending time with my family, celebrating our family traditions, and setting up plans with my brothers to catch Santa Clause. Giving gifts is important but the gift may not be what the recipient needs.  Instead of living in our debt we need to become free from the shackles of debt.

This Christmas if you have overspent, don’t be down but make a goal to do better next year.  Look at your Christmas spending this year and add 10% to that amount for your budget for next year.  Our goal is to help you be able to manage your Christmas budget without stress. Here at Flat Top Bookkeeping, we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and remember that the true meaning of Christmas is serving and helping each other.

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