12 Frightening Financial/Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Halloween

  1. The Halloween business is absolutely monstrous. Americans spent $9.1 billion in 2017 on everything from candy and costumes to decorations.
  2. Here’s another shocking survey finding: The average consumer intends to spend $86.79 on Halloween products in 2018.  That is up $0.66 more per person than last year.
  3. According to the latest figures, there will be roughly 175 million Americans celebrating Halloween this year.
  4. This year, a little more than 5 in 10 Americans plan to celebrate Halloween.  I assume the others prefer gardening or giving trespassing kids the evil eye.
  5. The most expensive part of Halloween is costumes. Just under 70 percent of Americans will spend $3.2 billion on costumes in 2018.
  6. Don’t forget Fido:  More people, especially millennials, are buying costumes for their pets. Twenty percent will do so, up from 16 percent in 2017. The most popular pet costumes characters are pumpkin, hot dog, bumble bee, devil and cat (for dogs).
  7. If you plan on attending a neighborhood Halloween party this year, you can reduce the chance of bumping into your sartorial doppelganger by avoiding one of the five most popular adult costumes in 2018: a witch, vampire, zombie, pirate, and Avengers character.
  8. Census data shows that 92% of American households consider their neighborhoods safe. Yes, that includes the folks living in places like Tombstone, Arizona and Cape Fear, North Carolina.  Even so, that won’t stop parents like me from checking the kids’ Halloween candy for signs of tampering.
  9. Around 90 percent of Americans will buy candy, spending $2.6 billion. Almost 75 percent will purchase Halloween decor, spending $2.7 billion.
  10. By the way, if you hate crowds, hopefully, you avoided the stores on October 28; that happens to be the biggest day of the year for candy sales on average throughout the years.
  11. Still, if you insist on giving out chocolate this Halloween, you’ll probably want to know that the four most popular candy varieties are: Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kat, and M&Ms.
  12. Here’s an eerie trick for scaring up your favorite treats: Kit Kat lovers might be interested to know that they have a 37% better chance of scoring that crispy confection at a ranch-style home. And any self-respecting Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup fan should realize they have a 26% greater chance of getting those tasty treats at two-story houses. Then again, I usually avoid the hassle entirely by just buying — and squirreling away — an extra bag for myself. Just don’t tell my kids.

Here at Flat Top Bookkeeping, we wish all of you and your household a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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